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An international team with deep understanding of specialty insurance

Our specialty team handles cases for insurers in the London and international markets from start to finish, providing advice on multi-jurisdictional claims, recoveries, product development, wordings and international disputes.

We advise on a wide range of specialty insurance classes including bloodstock, contingency, cyber, fine art, jewellers' block, kidnap & ransom, political risk & trade credit, product recall, specie and surety.

We have a proven track record in representing insurers and reinsurers on a diverse range of issues arising from significant national and international losses in the specialty insurance market. We pride ourselves on the depth of our industry understanding, and seek to resolve disputes by reference to commercial imperatives as well as by providing high quality legal advice.

Our Specialty Work

  • Africa
  • Americas
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East
  • UK & Europe
  • Loss of Angolan rough diamonds worth USD 150 Million

    Acting on an alleged loss of Angolan rough diamonds valued at approximately USD 150 million and involving the majority of the market. Acting for the UK, our team handled proceedings in both UK and New York  courts, and successfully resolved the matter by a very favourable settlement, which was a...


    Tunisian aquaculture jellyfish attack claim

    Advising Lloyd’s underwriters on an aquaculture claim following a jellyfish attack off the coast of Tunisia.

  • Claims arising from the pesification regime in Argentina

    Advising on various claims arising out of the pesification regime in Argentina, with the focus being on whether changes to payment arrangements provided to concession holders constituted “expropriation” within the wording of the London market policy.


    Claims over the theft of a USD 2.6 Million coin collection

    Acting for underwriters in a claim for a coin collection valued at USD 2.6 million, which was allegedly stolen from the basement of the insured’s residence,and which cast doubt on whether the collection has ever existed, what it had contained and raised issues relating to the underwriting of the...


    Successfully defending the Dispute Clause in an export credit insurer's accounts receivable policy

    Successfully defending the Dispute Clause in a large export credit insurer's accounts receivable (shipments) policy for the fifth time before Canadian courts, including favourable decisions of both the Quebec and the Ontario Courts of Appeal.


    Advising on criminal and regulatory law considerations for recovering the artworks

    We advised a client on criminal and regulatory law considerations for recovering the artworks and entering into a reward agreement with an informant.

    United States

    Political risk insurer in an LCIA arbitration

    Successfully representing a political risk insurer in a LCIA arbitration relating to Venezuela

  • Recovery, salvage and sale of stolen artworks

    Liaising with the Australian Federal Police dealing with the recovery, salvage and sale of stolen artworks in Sydney


    Groundbreaking English court decision on political risk insurance

    Advising the successful Lloyd’s underwriters in their defence of the only reported decision of the English courts in recent times relating to political risk insurance; International Lottery Management v Dumas, which relates to issues of non-disclosure and misrepresentation with respect to...


    Dispute resolution and subrogated recovery action

    Acting for credit insurers in a subrogated recovery action against the Chinese aluminium plant primary debtor and its associated debtor/guarantor companies in Hong Kong and the PRC. This matter involved complex dispute resolution and governing law provisions due to the underlying export contract...


    Numerous fraudulent multi-jurisdictional jewellery claims

    Advising on numerous fraudulent multi-jurisdictional jewellery claims, often where there have been several conflicts between the protagonists, including advising in relation to the insolvency of a South East Asia jewellery company where conflicts include possible fraud and false accounting of...

    Hong Kong

    Advising on contaminated Poppadom production

    Representing a global underwriter of specialty insurance and reinsurance in providing advice in relation to contaminated Poppadoms. Production of the majority of supply to the UK market was recalled or halted due to excess oil in the product


    Advising on coverage, compliance with conditions precedent, misrepresentation and quantum

    We advised an insurer in relation to a claim notified by a gallery, which was subject to Indian law. The factual circumstances and claim documentation raised several points regarding coverage, compliance with conditions precedent, misrepresentation and quantum.


    Potential exposures from a malfunctioning microchip

    Acting for a Lloyd's market insurer in respect of its potential exposures under a product recall insurance of a Japanese electronic manufacturer regarding problems with microchips incorporated within domestic appliances worldwide.

  • USD 4 million cash in transit theft

    Acting for London market reinsurers in relation to cash in transit losses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia following the theft of over USD 4 million in cash by the driver of one of the vehicles of the original insured, an armoured vehicle provider. We provided coverage advice in relation to the...

    Saudi Arabia

    Entry into the Middle East market

    Assisting entry into the Middle East insurance market

    United Arab Emirates

    Advising on loss notified under a Jewellers Block Reinsurance Policy

    Advising a client in relation to a loss notified under a Jewellers Block Reinsurance Policy for damage suffered to items during transit between Dubai and Hong Kong. We advised on the scope of various policy exclusions, the proper basis of valuation and the deductible and limits.

    United Arab Emirates
  • Art damage in storage and recovery of losses

    Assisting in the recovery of losses incurred by the owner of works by a leading 20th century painter, sculptor, print-maker and ceramicist following damage caused to a number of works stored by a well-known art packer and shipper


    The kidnapping of Shergar

    Advising on the kidnapping of the acclaimed Irish racehorse Shergar


    Insuring European basketball players

    Advising insurers on claims for European basketball players


    Recovery of stolen artworks from a museum

    Advising a client on the recovery of artworks stolen from a Dutch museum. We provided advice on the criminal and legal considerations for recovering the artworks and for negotiating any reward payment.


    Olympic contingency wording

    We are experienced in handling a wide range of high-profile contingency cases, including recently advising on contingency wording for the Winter Olympics in Sochi

    Russian Federation

    Footballers claim over a career ending ankle injury

    Advising insurers in a dispute regarding a premiership footballer with a GBP 8 million claim for a career ending ankle injury.

    United Kingdom


    Advising in relation to non-appearance due to reasons such as illness, injury or disinclination

    United Kingdom

    Cancellation of sporting events

    We are particularly experienced in the sporting industry, including advising on the cancellation of sporting events for reasons including flooding and earthquake

    United Kingdom

    Various exclusions

    Advising in regards to exclusions for National Mourning/alcohol & drugs/suicide/hazardous activity

    United Kingdom

    Delay in filming

    Advising following a delay in filming due to faulty equipment

    United Kingdom