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Global specialists working in partnership to navigate the complexities of risk management

Corporate risk navigation involves identifying, assessing, and managing risks that businesses face, and we are recognised leaders and navigators of these commercial risks across our Corporate & Advisory services, particularly when navigating complex cross-jurisdictional issues for our clients. 

We are not your typical corporate advisors, as sector specialists we provide wide-ranging and detailed advice on Corporate & Advisory matters to clients operating in our key sectors in mature and emerging markets across the globe. Connecting them with commercial, pragmatic, and technical excellence in corporate, employment, finance, IP, IT, commercial legal matters, as well as tax. Our unique understanding for your business stems from over a century of advising businesses on emerging and current risks in our preferred sectors and has been translated in risk hedging on establishment, transactions, employment work and commercial as well as IT arrangements as we staff teams with sector experts of all practice groups from the outset. 

Key risks and opportunities for our clients around the world

We are driven by risk and see these issues differently, with more than 250 Corporate & Advisory specialists around the world that understand the risks facing your business. We offer guidance and advice across the full corporate landscape, advising clients on local and cross-border transactions, regulated and unregulated industries and supporting their day-to-day business needs, covering corporate, commercial, finance, technology, data privacy, intellectual property, employment and tax issues. We provide help and advice to navigate the challenges and opportunities across every aspect of doing business. 

Our worldwide coverage allows us to help you identify and manage local, cross-border and global risk and liability, navigate challenges wherever they arise and harness commercial potential and achieve sustained growth in today's complex and volatile business environment.

We can help you navigate risk, and futureproof your business, wherever you are in the world.

Rapport « Corporate Risk Radar »

Dans le cadre de notre rapport annuel, nous avons sondé des avocats généraux, leurs équipes juridiques internes, leurs cadres principaux et les décideurs avec lesquels ils travaillent pour dresser un tableau du paysage des risques dans leur organisation et de leur capacité à naviguer dans ce paysage efficacement.

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Gestion du risque réussie : risques commerciaux émergents

Les risques sont inévitables, mais il est possible de les gérer avec confiance.

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