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Construction completion dates and non-payment disputes in the Middle East

  • Press Releases 13 octobre 2010 13 octobre 2010

Clyde & Co Middle East construction partner Michael Grose appears on the City 7 Business show to discuss construction completion dates and non-payment disputes in the region.

Michael covers a raft of topics, discussing at first, the nature of the disputes arising in the construction industry, as well as the dispute resolution options open to those who find themseleves in the situation, whether it be arbitration or a settlement in the courts.

Michael also goes on to discuss where the responsibility inevitably lies when workers down tools and projects are not completed as scheduled.

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Profile - Michael Grose

Michael is a construction and projects partner. He has over fourteen years' experience of advising on the legal aspects of construction projects, including nine years in the Middle East.

Michael has extensive experience of conducting construction and engineering disputes in the region's local courts and arbitration under both local and international rules. He has played an active part in resolving disputes by mediation and conciliation. More.