How collaboration across industry organisations may curb fraud ravaging the insurance sector

  • Étude de marché 14 juillet 2022 14 juillet 2022
  • Afrique

  • Assurance et réassurance

Organisations require practical solutions on how to approach the use of modern technology to fight fraudulent claims in their respective organisations. It is important to look at data collaboration across industry organisations.

Read more about our presentation which looks at:

  • How can closer cross-industry collaboration aid in the fight against fraud?
  • Measures to encourage greater collaboration within the insurance industry.
  • Establishing working relationships between brokers and insurers to effectively catch fraudsters.
  • The evolving role of the aggregator in counter fraud operations.
  • Assessing privacy concerns: how can the industry strike the right balance?
  • The role of industry collaboration in detecting internal fraud.

Read more on how closer data collaboration can assist in the fight against insurance fraud.


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