Emerging Risks - Air Quality

  • Balado 20 février 2023 20 février 2023
  • Royaume-Uni et Europe

  • Assurance et réassurance

In this episode of our Emerging Risks podcast series, we discuss air quality and how air pollution poses a major threat to health across the globe.

Host Neil Beresford is joined by:

  • Dan Scott, Senior Associate (Clyde & Co London)
  • Harry Little, Associate (Clyde & Co London)

Together they discuss the injury and environmental liability risks emerging globally from air pollution and how the claims landscape is evolving. 

Air quality is an issue which effects all of the worlds population in one way or another, and is an issue which is often poorly understood. Air quality relates to air pollution, the contamination of the air by a chemical, and differs from discussions of the macro effects of climate change in that it is a localised phenomenon, can fluctuate and poses a direct threat to human health globally.

At the time of recording this podcast for example there was an air quality warning for London, it is often quite difficult to understand what it means and its implications for claims activity. This podcast seeks to unpack air quality and think about it as a technical proposition, an emerging risk and the ways in which it might in future translate into claims activity effecting underwriters.


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