MEA Employment Predictions 2024: Qatar's Nationalisation Law

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Look out for the issuance of a nationalisation law in Qatar, demonstrating the country's dedication to shaping its labour market and promoting the employment of its national workforce.

On 8 February 2023, Qatar's Cabinet gave its nod to a draft law on workforce nationalisation within specific private sector roles, showcasing the country's commitment to moulding its labour market and fostering employment opportunities for its national workforce.

Proposed by the Ministry of Labour and Nationalisation, the draft law is designed to determine the specific private sector jobs earmarked for nationalisation. Notably, the legislation is set to introduce incentives for private employers, irrespective of their size, to prioritise the employment of Qatari citizens over expatriates in designated fields. Additionally, the draft law includes financial incentives for Qatari citizens working in these targeted sectors.

In a pioneering move, the Ministry of Labour and Nationalisation has announced the implementation of an electronic system driven by an innovative artificial intelligence algorithm to spearhead the nationalisation program. This system is set to gather and analyse data to identify private sector positions suitable for Qatari citizens, contributing to a strategic shift in workforce dynamics.

Qatar's strategic approach towards nationalisation is poised to reshape its labour market, fostering a robust and inclusive workforce in the coming years.

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