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Reece Corbett-Wilkins



Reece Corbett-Wilkins

Reece Corbett-Wilkins



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Reece is a leading member of Clyde & Co's cyber incident response team and has experience acting in a range of local, regional, and global incidents affecting government agencies and private sector organisations of all sizes, operating across all industry sectors.

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Reece is well regarded for his ability to advise boards and other senior members in the executive, legal, IT, risk management and public relations functions to navigate Australia’s complex cyber landscape. Reece and the wider team have helped thousands of entities respond to incidents including some of Australia's most prominent and industry wide cyber events in recent times, and several supply-chain attacks and multi-party-data-breaches.

Acting as 'breach coach', Reece helps entities navigate their strategic response to cyber incidents such as network interruption (denial of service, ransomware, system unavailability), data breach (inadvertent disclosure, malicious third party systems access, loss of physical documents), and cyber-crime (fraud, misdirected funds, extortion) incidents.

Reece is often sought after for his privacy and technology subject matter expertise, crisis management experience, and strong relationships with non-legal incident response vendors, law enforcement bodies, government agencies, and other industry stakeholders to achieve favourable outcomes. 

In addition to providing incident response services, Reece routinely advises on incident preparedness and resilience strategies to address cyber risk head on, prior to an incident occurring. Following cyber incidents, Reece acts in third party IT liability claims, consumer claims, regulatory investigations and recovery actions. It is this end to end experience which informs Reece’s approach to managing a cyber crisis.

Reece has been recognised among Australia's leading lawyers as a finalist in the Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30 awards, and winning the Insurance Business Young Guns Award, for contributions to the cyber insurance industry and participating in law reform initiatives.

Connect with Reece on LinkedIn here, for regular industry updates.


Reece is part of Clyde & Co’s Cyber, Digital Law and Resilience team.

The team has developed a global, yet locally tailored, cyber risk solution focused on three phases: Readiness, Response, Recover.

  • Readiness: Boosting organisational resilience, supply chain risk management, and preparedness pre-incident.
  • Response: Mitigating impact, and maintaining stakeholder trust through taking decisive action, during a cyber incident.
  • Recover: Getting back to business as quickly as possible and managing disputes and regulatory investigations, post-incident.

In his role, Reece regularly advise clients locally, across the Asia Pacific region and globally on cyber incident and crisis response, data protection and privacy issues, including:

  • overall incident response management and vendor coordination;
  • ransomware response and recovery, including sanctions and compliance risk;
  • extortion negotiations and threat intelligence;
  • payment misdirection fraud, funds tracing and funds recovery;
  • email and social media account takeover response;
  • communications strategy and stakeholder management;
  • data breach assessment and notification, including coordination of global and multi-party data breaches across 100+ jurisdictions;
  • e-safety, image based abuse and cyber bullying;
  • regulatory response, including dealing with the OAIC, NZOPC, ASIC, APRA, the ACCC and other regulators across 50+ jurisdictions;
  • third party claims disputes;
  • recovery litigation against wrongdoers; and
  • class action risk relating to privacy breaches.


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