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Dr Tony Tarr

Senior Consultant


Dr Tony Tarr

Dr Tony Tarr

Senior Consultant


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Tony serves as a senior consultant in relation to Insurance and supports the work of Clyde & Co’s Global Drones Group dealing with the global development, regulation and insurance of drones. He has senior managerial experience across several sectors including the resources sector, tertiary education, insurance and not-for-profit.

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Tony was formerly Dean and Foundation Professor of Law, Bond University; Sir Gerard Brennan Professor of Law and Head, T C Beirne School of Law, The University of Queensland; Dean and Professor of Law, Indiana University, Indianapolis; and Vice Chancellor, The University of the South Pacific.

He serves and has served as Chairman, Director or Chief Executive Officer of several institutions and corporations, including in the insurance context, service as managing director of Australia Pacific Professional Indemnity Insurance Ltd.

Tony has senior commercial and business development experience in coal and coal seam gas operations including service as Senior Group Manager Commercial and Tenures at Origin Energy, Group Manager Commercial at Xstrata Coal, and Chief Executive Officer at Zerogen Pty Ltd.

He is the author of numerous articles and reports as well as several books and titles in the insurance law area, including Insurance Law in New Zealand (two editions), Australian Insurance Law (three editions), Insurance: The Laws of Australia (three revisions), Insurance Law (with M. Clarke and J. Tarr), and general editor (with J. Tarr, M. Thompson and J. Ellis) and co-author (with other Clyde & Co persons) of Drone Law and Policy: Global Development, Risks, Regulation and Insurance, published in August 2021.

Tony holds the degrees of BA, LLB (Natal), LLM (Cambridge), PhD (Canterbury), PhD (Cambridge).

He has served as Chief Executive Officer of the Queensland Law Society Inc, Managing Director of the Queensland Law Foundation Pty Ltd, Vice President of the Indianapolis Bar Association, Director of the Indiana Bar Foundation, Director of the Indianapolis Legal Aid Society (Director) and Chairman of the Fiji Law Reform Commission.

  • Negotiating and concluding complex and often very diverse commercial and corporate transactions – with and for companies such as Xstrata Coal, Glencore, the New Hope Group, Shell, QGC, Sinopec, PetroChina, Arrow, Origin and Santos
  • Conducted one of the world’s three ‘clean coal’ energy projects (ZeroGen Pty Ltd). The project involved the integration of the technologies – integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) with carbon capture and storage (CCS) – to produce low emission base load electricity
  • Negotiated and framed conduct and compensation agreements in relation to land access and the conduct of exploration and resource production on land owned by third parties. Represented resource companies as well as landowners and in several instances the resolution of these matters has required engagement with governments, National, State and Foreign
  • Providing significant consultancies to Boards/management of various businesses including as to their strategic business development and delivery of value initiatives


  • Assurance et réassurance

  • Aviation

  • Drones

  • Énergie et ressources naturelles