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Our experts help insurer clients take control of the Credit Hire claims process

Credit Hire claims continue to be a thorn in the side of insurers whether as a result of new strategies being adopted by old players, new entrants to the market, fraudulent tactics, legislative changes or external factors. 

Our market-leading team has extensive experience and a proven track record of handling credit hire claims, helping clients take control of the claims process and ensuring they are best placed to respond to a fast-moving, adversarial and complex market. 

We use an intelligence-led approach, combined with tried-and-tested handling methodologies, technical excellence and a best-in-class Case Management System (CMS), to save our insurer clients millions on their indemnity spend. We can boast market-leading results against a range of key performance indicators including savings against the average hire claimed.

The team particularly excels at identifying where there are issues that need clarity or guidance and obtaining binding legal precedent. By working in partnership with our clients, we ensure that cases are “litigation ready”. We also act for clients against credit hire operators in resolving aged debt and in negotiating protocols and bi-lateral agreements.

We regularly provide training to clients and we are involved in lobbying for change in respect of the Pre-Action Protocols. 

Our Credit Hire team

Melanie Mooney
Melanie Mooney


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