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  • Balado 7 septembre 2022 7 septembre 2022
  • Asie-Pacifique

  • Assurance et réassurance

How effective are your company’s compliance frameworks in the Post-COVID and Financial Services Royal Commission era?

Compliance challenges have emerged for the Australian insurance industry post-COVID and the Financial Services Royal Commission as regulatory reforms which were required to be implemented in 2021 have substantially increased the compliance burden on industry players. However, while a lot of hard work by the insurance industry was put into updating compliance processes and frameworks, that work was only the start of a new era.

Please join Yvonne Lam, Special Counsel in the Clyde & Co Corporate & Regulatory team and Tetiana George, CEO and Co-Founder of Curium, an insurtech delivering next generation claims & compliance technology as they discuss common blind spots for operational managers in the Australian insurance industry, and how technology can assist.

In the lead up to the podcast, take this opportunity to complete a quick compliance health check survey to see how effective your organisation's compliance framework really is!


Auteurs supplémentaires:

Tetiana George, CEO and Co-Founder of Curium

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