On-demand webinar: Plastics Liability

  • Webinaire 9 octobre 2023 9 octobre 2023
  • Royaume-Uni et Europe

  • Assurance et réassurance

There are more than 10,000 chemicals associated with plastic.

Whilst relatively few have undergone significant research, there is a growing body of evidence about the harmful effects which plastics may cause to human health and the environment.

Those involved in the manufacture, use and distribution of plastics are now the subject of active litigation by environmental activists in various parts of the world.

This seminar explored the current and emerging liabilities arising from plastic pollution including:

  • bodily injury claims brought by employees, consumers or members of the public who have been exposed to plastics;
  • property damage claims from those whose property has been contaminated by exposure to plastics;
  • environmental litigation seeking the remediation of the natural environment and associated economic losses.

These liabilities are arising immediately and are likely to be of concern to underwriters in the field of general, employer’s and product liability.

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