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Nicholas Bathurst



Nicholas Bathurst

Nicholas Bathurst


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Nick has considerable experience of dealing with property damage and subrogated claims. He represents local authorities, housing associations, utility companies, commercial entities and their insurers in all aspects of property related claims.

  • Property damage resulting from risks including subsidence, landslip, fire and escape of water

  • Officials’ indemnity claims including land charges and planning

  • Construction issues and remedial schemes

  • Fidelity and reputational issues

Nick and his team are committed to offering a variety of client driven services and fee structures and to maintaining a commercial approach to litigation.

  • Defending a London borough in relation to significant damage to a large property in London, caused by a combination of works to the Channel Tunnel, leaking drains and tree root subsidence

  • Advising a London borough in relation to high-profile public opposition to proposed tree removal works

  • Representing a local authority in respect of loss of value to commercial premises due to the result of a land charges search

  • Advising insurers in respect of damage to a number of properties caused by pile failure

  • Representing a piling company in a claim for damage to a variety of properties caused by the effects of vibration

  • Defending a local authority in relation to fire damage to a terrace of properties caused as a result of hot works

  • Representing insurers in relation to a fire caused as a result of forensic investigations to a crime scene

  • Defending a highway authority against a claim concerning flooding caused as a result of drainage design and maintenance

  • Advising a utility plc in relation to a reservoir draining onto private land

  • Representing a local authority in both criminal and civil proceedings relating to the actions of a fraudulent employee

  • Advising insurers in respect of delay attribution losses consequent upon interruption of rail services

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Nick's practice is centred on property liability, building a particular reputation in respect of public authority liability.

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