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Tony Cawley



Tony Cawley

Tony Cawley


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Tony handles a wide-range of technically-complex and catastrophic injury claims for household name insurance companies, London Market Insurers, FTSE and NYSE-listed corporates and local authority clients.

His expertise lies in dealing with high-value personal injury claims arising from employers' liability and public liability issues which are often complex in nature and include multi-party and cross-jurisdictional issues.

In particular, he handles catastrophic injury claims (spinal-injury and amputation claims) as well as complex occupational stress, harassment and bullying in the workplace claims.

Tony has defended both corporate and local authority clients on health and safety prosecutions and has undertaken some high profile Inquest work; most notably in his role as a solicitor to the Coroner in the Inquest into the death of Jean Charles de Menezes.

He is a member of FOIL, sitting on both the Catastrophic Claims and the Serious Injury Guide Sector Focus Teams, and he regularly provides training to clients.




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Tony has developed a wide-ranging practice area and his expertise lies primarily in dealing with complex claims, in particular, employers’ liability and public liability claims.

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